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LifeLine’s Voice is one of many voices today but sounds a very unique message

Individuals and communities need to take responsibility for the emotional wellbeing of every community.

The Southern African social community can be a utopia – but only if communities get together through the effort of determined individuals and decide to engage courageously with the significant challenges in their own communities and to work relentlessly, staying engaged until a level of maturity and emotional wellbeing has been established and can be sustained.

Community living could replace discrimination, prejudice and poverty with tolerance, harmony and compassion.

LifeLine invites caring and courageous individuals to start a dialogue in every community.

Together, we can make a difference if we choose to engage. LifeLine offers the empowerment to ignite emotional wellbeing in communities – maybe your community. The choice is yours.

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The Family Law Clinic is a non-profit organisation governed by the Family Law Clinic Trust (Reg: 044-880-NPO). Our mission is to be representative in the heart of mpoverished and developing South African Communities with respect to offering free legal advice in all matters pertaining to family law and activities that challenge the rights of families.

Our objective is to help the South African legal processing system achieve greater reach into less affluent areas by decentralising the legal system and empowering communities by establishing legal clinics that are managed by the people of these communities.

The Family Law Clinics undertake to help families in matters relating to domestic issues such as domestic violence, child abuse, abuse of the aged, maintenance issues, marital conflict, guardianship, adoption and any other areas of family conflict requiring counselling and/or legal resolution. Our services incorporate addressing the fringe effects of family upheaval such as counselling, protection and channelling subjects towards the correct help facilities that will afford them the best possible assistance such as medical help or SAPS intervention.

In the case of legal action required and hard costs accumulating the Family Law Clinics will endeavor to restrict charges as much as possible and only levy fees according to administrative costs and what the clients can afford.


  • To benefit from the services offered by the Family Law Clinics go to our CLINICS page and find out if we are in your area. If we are not in your area then please mail us your details at, or contact us on 021 851 5504.
  • A trained and friendly legal clerk from your community will listen to your grievance and take down the necessary details to register your unique case on our books.
  • In many cases the necessary advice will be given to the complainant immediately and any further steps towards resolution will be taken.
  • In the more complex cases the information will go before a panel of legal advisors that will return with the necessary proposal/s required to find resolution.
  • No charges will be levied at this stage of the procedure. Only if the case has to enter the legal system will there be costs involved, but the client will always be informed well in advance of any payment being required.
  • Family Law Clinics promise to do everything in our power to find resolution without incurring burdening costs.
  • Family Law Clinics work in close co-operation with all the organisations dedicated to helping with domestic issues such as Child Welfare, the SAPS child protection unit, Red Cross Hospital, Rape Crisis clinics etc.

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  The Family Law Clinic Trust is a registered Non-Profit Organisation. Registration number: 044-880-NPO  
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