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Psalm 140:12. "I know that the Lord will maintain the cause of the afflicted, and justice for the poor."

Family Law Clinic Training

The Family Law Clinic will train all prospective managers and employees of each clinic that is established in their respective communities free of charge.

Training will include the following:

  • Computer skills
  • Basic office management
  • Marketing & fundraising
  • Paralegal management
  • Basic Counseling

Public Skills Training

The skills training outlined above will also be available to the general public within the respective communities at a nominal fee.

A trainee can opt for any one or any combination of the courses outlined above. If you are interested in finding out more about this facility please contact

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Every Family Law Clinic is managed by a member of the local community:

The Family Law Clinic is intended to become a nucleus of assistance to the communities in which they operate. In order to achieve this the Family Law Clinic Trust will identify appropriate candidates within the respective communities to launch and manage The Family Law Clinic in their area.

The Family Law Clinic Trust will train the selected prospects in paralegal services, counseling and basic business skills including computer training, marketing and administrative functions. It is our objective to empower the community throughtheir inclusion in the functioning of The Family Law Clinic.

The Family Law Clinic Trust will support the manager of the clinic by placing legal clerks in each clinic that will assist with the processing of cases and act as the liaison between the host organisation and the clinic itself.

Additional support will be afforded by means of hands-on ongoing mentorship from senior members of The Family Law Clinic Trust with the objective of optimising the efficiencies of each clinic.

As a satellite service to the community the Family Law Clinic will offer the community the same type of legal and business training as the manager of each clinic. This will be a low cost training program that will provide specified skills to unemployed individuals thus giving them greater opportunity for meaningful employment.The Family Law Clinic operates in close association with DreamWorker, a non-profit organisation that finds employment for people in compromised communities, and in this way our trained individuals have access to potential employers.

Would you like to launch a Family Law Clinic in your area?

If you have the passion and dedication to become a beneficial and effective member of your community, and you believe you fit the criteria required to manage a
Family Law Clinic
in your area, please:

complete the form at this link [application form] and send it to us via e-mail to


post the [application form] to us at the following address:

Family Law Clinic
3 Griselda Crescent
Somerset West 7140
Western Cape
South Africa


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